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Made in Germany

In her own studio in the heart of Bruchköbel, the designer Semiha Bähr designs her own fashion.

The materials specially selected at trade fairs give the designer the opportunity to try out many combinations and variants in order to implement her ideas.

After substances have been selected, the tailoring of the dream dresses takes place. "Every dress has its own story," says the designer and clothing technician. The cuts are all prepared by Semiha Bähr according to her own custom measurement.

The blanks then go to the tailor shop. There, the clothes are put together and provided with details. Whether belt, glittering tulle or removable train - just the finishing touch makes the talented designer especially fun.
"The small details are crucial."

The finished dream dresses are presented and exhibited in her own showroom in Bruchköbel.
"Me and my team provide the special flair. Here you can just feel good - no matter if bride or retailer."

Thanks to her knowledge of the REFA additional qualification, the designer was able to make the calculation in such a way that she could completely relocate the production from Turkey to Germany - to her present home Bruchköbel.

"With the transfer of production to my own studio, I can be there at every step of the creation of my fashion. I'm so proud of that! "