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"Love is a canvas furnished by nature and embroidered by imagination." (Voltaire)

With the love for detail and a lot of passion, the innovative designer Semiha Bähr conquers the world of the brides!

In 2007, the fashion designer decided to become self-employed and opened her own studio for bridal and evening wear with her brand "Couture by Semiha Bähr".

"Since then, I do what I love every day. I design high quality designer wedding dresses and exquisite evening dresses for my clients. My most important motivation is that you can present yourself in a bridal or evening gown on your big day, which is a mirror of your self. "

True to this motto, in addition to the annually changing collection, unique individual items are created for our customers.

"I want to release and amplify the soft glow inherent in every woman."