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The designer

Semiha Bähr has been living in the magical fashion world since she was born. The designer learned the love and passion for fashion at a young age from her mother and her big siblings, who have been making bridal and evening wear for the international market since she can remember. After training as a tailor, she studied design with a focus on haute couture. A few years later, Semiha Bähr completed her studies as a clothing technician in Aschaffenburg in Germany. Here the fashion specialist learned the technology for the production of textiles and fashion. At the same university, she had the great honor of working as a lecturer herself after her studies and training young people to be fashion tailors.

The curiosity for more knowledge and experience led her to a company in which she designed and produced the entire collections under her direction. This collection was purchased by all mail order companies and appeared in all catalogs. Since 2007, the self-confident designer has been running her own company. Her fashion is produced in her own studio in Bruchköbel. Semiha Bähr currently markets its “Semiha Bähr Couture” fashion in specialty stores throughout Germany and Switzerland.

“For me there is nothing more beautiful than designing fashion and seeing my imaginary visions attracted to life. Fashion is the language of our soul. I do what I love every day. Love grows when you share it and that's what I do, because love is the most important and greatest feeling on earth. "